About Us

Metropolitan Omaha Property Owners Association

Our association is dedicated to bringing you the latest information, changes in rental real estate, invaluable connections, critical printable forms that will make your life much easier to navigate your business. Full access to all of our information is available by simply joining MOPOA.

MOPOA provides support by:

  • Education of both proposed and existing laws & regulations
  • Regular meetings to discuss current issues, answer questions, and facilitate networking
  • An informative monthly newsletter covering legislation, landlording topics, and relevant issues
  • Making available commonly used forms
  • Promoting reasonable laws and regulations in State and City Council legislation
  • Provide for legislative defense to eliminate unfair and overly burdensome laws
  • Safe guard the economic investment of the members

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization of rental real estate owners and managers with over 450 members, representing thousands of rental homes and apartments in the Omaha and surrounding communities. Originally known as the Small Property Owners Association, then as the Property Owners Association (POA), The Omaha Landlords Association was established in 1949 for Omaha’s rental real estate community, our new name is Metro Omaha Property Owners Association.

Our mission

Our mission is to constantly increase the professionalism of the rental real estate business with an emphasis on legal, ethical and procedural aspects of good property management, thus empowering rental owners to increase profits and decrease problems through education, information, mutual support and legislative vigilance. Whether you have one rental or multi-apartment complexes, we help you stay informed and connected to the landlord community.