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A Word From Rick: Service Animals

In this video, our President, Rick, delves into the topic of service animals. A crucial point to bear in mind is that it's the responsibility of prospective tenants to voluntarily disclose any disabilities. It's essential not to make any assumptions, and, most importantly, refrain from inquiring about the nature of their disability.

As a landlord, you have an obligation to provide reasonable accommodations. Additionally, it's imperative to note that service animals should be accepted without any extra charges or increased rent, provided the tenant can furnish a doctor's letter. Rejecting a service animal as a landlord is a rare occurrence, with one of the very few exceptions being if there is substantial evidence that the animal poses a threat to others.

In summary, when it comes to service animals and navigating the do's and don'ts, the wise course of action is often to exercise discretion and limit inquiries.

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All 3 insurance companies that I deal with do not allow aggressive breads and aggressive dogs. With their research they must have determined it is not a good risk. There are about 6 aggressive breads. From the best of my understanding If a renters dog attacks someone, attorneys can go after the landlord for allowing the aggressive bread. If the person attacked has serious injuries it could bankrupt a landlord if they don't have a LLC.

As per the government website, there are situations were a landlord can deny a service animal so can we have a speaker discuss that?

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