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Nebraska Legislature Bill LB175


About LB 175:

"Adopt the Residential Tenant Clean Slate Act" - This bill expunges eviction records of a tenant after 3 years which would impair landlords' ability to determine risk of renting to a prospective tenant.

Public Hearing:

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 at 1:30pm

Room 1113

What Can You Do?

Please use the following link to SUBMIT COMMENTS ONLINE FOR LB175 and leave your comment for the Judiciary Committee to express your OPPOSITION for LB 175 (see below for link)


Suggested Text:

You can copy and edit the below text.

"Senators LB 175 by expunging a tenant’s eviction record after 3 years impairs a landlord’s ability to discern whether a prospective tenant is a bad risk. One of the things that is vital in the rental business is to be able to determine if a prospective tenant is going to cause a problem in the rental property either through bad behavior toward other tenants or neighbors or by not paying the rent. If they’ve had a previous eviction for some reason the landlord can discuss the situation with them and can always go ahead and rent to them anyway if they think the reason for the prior eviction has cleared up and unlikely to recur. By denying the landlord of the knowledge of a prior eviction you take away their ability to make a reasoned judgement and make them much more likely to demand a high credit score to try to weed out anyone who may have had a prior eviction. This would therefore exclude someone who may have marginal credit scores but still a good tenant. If a person declares Chapter 13 bankruptcy it stays on their credit report for 7 years and Chapter 7 bankruptcy for 10 years. These reports are necessary for banks and car dealerships to determine the risk that someone will default on their loan. Likewise an eviction history is needed by a landlord to evaluate risk. Why should a landlord’s ability to determine risk be valued less than a bank or car dealer? This bill will result in changing landlord’s behavior to be more restrictive in their rental practices and make affordable housing less available to tenants. Senators please reject LB 175. Thank you."

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