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Nebraska Legislature Bill LB248


About LB 248:

"Prohibit discrimination based on lawful source of income under the Nebraska Fair Housing Act and create the Landlord Guarantee Program" - This bill would prohibit you the landlord from discrimination based upon lawful source of income or compliance with public assistance requirements. In other words you would be required to accept Section 8.

Public Hearing:

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 at 1:30pm

Room 1113

What Can You Do?

Please use the following link to SUBMIT COMMENTS ONLINE FOR LB248 and leave your comment for the Judiciary Committee to express your OPPOSITION for LB 248 (see below for link)


Suggested Text:

You can copy and edit the below text.

"LB 248 creates another protected class of individual that is based on source of income. There is no such nationally recognized class of individual. This is a bad precedent and opens up the door for anyone else to apply to the Legislature to have themselves declared as a protected class based on what they think are their unique circumstances of victimhood. This bill would result in discrimination claims being laid against landlords who discern that a prospective tenant is a poor risk because they don’t have a stable source of income. This is akin to telling a bank or a car dealer that they have to give a loan to an individual without considering their ability to repay the loan. We all saw the disaster similar policies had on the financial industry in the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Specifically this law forces landlords to accept voucher program individuals or risk being sued for discrimination. When this law was proposed in 2021 Chairman Lathrop asked the Fair Housing Organization if a landlord doesn't have any Section 8 tenants would they sue on the basis that mere lack of Section 8 tenants proves discrimination and they affirmed they would sue on that basis. Senators this law will result in significant increase in the cost of the residential rental business. There already is a crisis of lack of affordable housing and this law will result in more landlords leaving the business and those remaining will be forced to increase rents to try to recoup these costs. This will result in less not more affordable housing. I urge you to reject LB 248. Thank you."

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